Hello! I'm a freelance web designer that likes to make amazing websites.

I strongly believe that web design should be:



Transparent, uncomplicated design


Graceful layouts & colour palettes

User Friendly

Making it easier for people to use

W3C Compliant

Strict standardised coding

About Liam (34 years old)

For the last 5 years, Liam has been working as a full time web designer. He lives in Nuneaton, in the UK.

With no 'traditional' training, many of his skills have been gained through self motivation and general practice. This has enabled him to be flexible in what skills he has developed and what techniques he likes to apply.

As he works as a full time web designer, he is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to create amazing websites that can inspire others.

Plus...he has a kick ass beard.

"An exciting, high energy individual that thrives on challenging projects"
In One Sentence, How I Would Describe Myself...

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